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Meet Vic Zappia

Vic Zappia | Direct of Marketing

"The Analytical Advocate"​

Vic Zappia runs the CA office. He is an AGENT of CHANGE able to learn and understand any industry. Auditing businesses to discover requirements that brings value to their customer. He sets expectations, mitigates risk and leads projects to grow your business.

Vic is the ultimate people person. He learns what consumers want to see and we translate that to your website and branding.

He is skilled at system analysis, facilitating meetings, B2B applications, and content management. With the a strong ability to form relationships for external and internal customers.

• Senior liaison to Automotive, Motorsports and Marine Industry top management in re-design of Sales application on Suzuki Connect. Helped streamlined the data entry, making applications easier to use.

• Achieved 85% reduction in software installation process as part of a team to take a 20 manual step process to two automated procedures.

Vic is known for Customer Advocacy.  He has an ability to translate customer pains into a business process flow.  Leveraging a wide technical breadth of knowledge allows him to analyze and create a viable and efficient solution for the customer. This trait has allowed Vic to be successful in my marketing.

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