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Full Service Graphic Design Agency Based In Fort Worth TX

We Make Good Businesses Look Great!

DJZ Legendary Creative LLC Provides

  • Brand Development; Logo Design
  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Print Design: Brochures, Booklets, Business Cards, etc...
  • Commercial Photography
  • Full Service Video Production
  • Social Media
  • Local Marketing
  • Just About Anything Else A Business Needs to Look Good Doing Business

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A Creative Swiss Army Knife

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DJZ Legendary Creative LLC is your one stop design shop. Based in Fort Worth TX and owned by Daniel Zappia, Legendary Creative can handle all of your graphic design needs. From print to web and photo to video. Whether it’s with brochures, business cards and booklets, logo design, branding, web development, advertisements, product packaging, social media, corporate photography, video production or virtually anything else a business may need; Legendary Creative will handle it. Because at Legendary Creative, we make good businesses look great.

What Design Services Are You Interested In?

Brand Development

You don't get a second chance at a first impression. Your brand is more than a logo, it’s you on the page or screen. Legendary Creative designs memorable logos that will make you standout in your industry!

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Website Design & Development

If your website doesn't convert customers, then why have a website at all? This is the cornerstone of your marketing. This is were you brand resides. All roads lead here. We make the destination worth the trip for your audience.

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Print Design

Print Isn't Dead! Whether it's brochures, business cards, booklets, programs, bill-boards, vehicle wraps, fliers, arena signage or any other piece of print material Legendary Creative can handle your needs.

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Full Service Video Production

Telling a Great Story is Key. Grow your brand, enhance your customer conversion rate, and make a lasting impression. Whether you have an idea scratched out on a napkin or a finished story board. Let Legendary Creative bring your story to life!

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Commercial Photography

We take pride in being professionals that create the perfect set up in studio or on location to capture the client’s vision. We provide commercial photography service for: corporate headshots, products, real estate photography, etc...


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Legendary Creative provides both digital and physical advertisement services. We have worked with over 20 different magazines to created dozens of advertisements. We also provide re-targeting banner ads and email marketing strategies.

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Meet Daniel Zappia

 "I am determined to be a part of something great, even if I have to go out and build it myself.”

Creative Swiss Army Knife, Husband, & Father To A Curly Headed Future Nightmare.

Daniel Zappia has over 10 years experience in the design field. He started out working his way through college as a freelance designer under the name Daniel Joseph Design – That is actually were the “DJ” part of the current logo comes from. Straight out of college Lucas Oil reached out and asked him to interview to take on their specialty projects. He gladly accepted. Working for Lucas Oil allowed Daniel to work with other large brands such as Domino’s Pizza and Coca Cola. Eventually he made his way to Texas and connected with a marketing and consulting firm that specialized in turnarounds. It was here that Daniel learned the art of web design, video production, and most importantly Conversion Optimization. What good is a website, if no one calls you from it? Within a few years he became Art Director of the firm.

Several years later Daniel left the consulting firm and officially started his own business – DJZ Legendary Creative LLC, everything a business needs to look good doing business.

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Douglas M.
12d ago

Daniel built a GREAT new website for our company., He had some fantastic ideas on how to put things together so the looked good and presented a good picture of our company.

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